Beyond Experiments: Local Economy-wide Impact Evaluation. Oxford University Press, 2014.

Book by J. Edward Taylor and Mateusz J. Filipski

J. Edward Taylor

This book and accompanying website show how to use general-equilibrium simulation methods to document direct and spillover effects of government policies, development projects, and other treatments. This book won the AAEA Quality of Communications Award.

This book provides researchers, students, and practitioners with a methodology to uncover the local economy-wide impacts of a wide diversity of development projects and policies using structural simulation methods. It complements experimental and other impact-evaluation approaches, capturing both direct and indirect impacts. Chapters 1-4 motivate and present the basics of impact simulation. The remaining chapters provide a diversity of interesting real-world applications and extensions of the basic models, including studies carried out with the Inter-American Development Bank, The World Bank, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, UNICEF, and other organizations. All models and data in this book are available on the book’s accompanying website, This book won the Quality of Communications Award from the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

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